Saturday, March 07, 2009

google and the future

mom caught the last few minutes. i watched a few- but as it's an hour long- i will go back and watch it all later. quick thought on the 15 minutes or so i caught- being 'old school' i worry about the internet being used as the ultimate propaganda tool. we have seen it with print media and tv/radio. if most of the world is plugged in- someone somewhere has the authority to determine what ends up online. i am a proponent of 'hard copies'- and while the tree hugger in me likes saving trees- i also like a paper trail. completely electronic leaves us vulnerable and being completely plugged in all of the time- well, i am suspicious. feel free to watch and let me know your thoughts- i will watch it in it's entirety later.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch yet coz based from the title, I wanted to make a free and unbiased one.

You are right when you said that being completely unplugged leaves us vulnerable and that made me afraid of certain things too because I just quit my job and is now doing full time online work from home. Hmmm

jmsjoin said...

What he says is only common sense knowing technology and advances being so rapid.
What he did not mention and will affect all of us is that I forget the time line but will dig up my post if you want and that is our current internet system is due to be moth balled and replaced by a system that can be totally controlled as to access and every regard.
That would be like controlling tv stations to the nth degree!