Thursday, March 05, 2009

from one depression to another

check out clara's kitchen. mom saw it on tv and i checked it out. she has several episodes and is interesting to listen to. it's a shame american warehouse their elders instead of learning from them. youth is worshipped but wisdom is survival.


Naj said...

When I think of anything that remotely sounds "wise" in my psychological/mental repertoire, it is given to my by my grandmother!

She lived with us; and in times that only now that i have grownup I realize their gravity she kept us up fed and clothed, making us feel like little royals that we would have been had we been lucky to live at a time when she was little!

When I hear people talking about this economic downturn as "depression" i chuckle sadly; I feel "what a neurotic spoiled nation is this?"

This nation has caused greatest explosion of inflation in my country: freezing Iran's assets, then sanctions, then war, then more sanctions ... our money went from being worth something to NOTHING, sugar, rice, oil, butter, tea, meat, milk went from being superfluous to scarce and rationed we had to stay in lineups to get the basics of life; but we never called our country "depressed"

We called our times 'testing' and we united in passing the test--it strengthened our bonds ... things were nicer then ... we would be a big group of cousins and grandparents, maybe 12 of us, feasting on "one" chicken--which mother made me cook so I learn kitchen skills ... we ate less, but enjoyed what we had more, and we said grace for what we had because surely things could have been far worse if a bomb or long-range missile had landed on our house ... those times do not even seem hard to me anymore ... it was a distant school!

Unknown said...

Coming from Louisiana, instead of pasta, it was rice. Everything was served with rice. Beans and rice, corn and rice, tomatoes and rice. When we had some extra money we got cheap meat to add to it. Beef hearts (cubed) and rice, Liver (chicken, beef, or pork) and rice (Dirty Rice), Sausage, tomato and rice (Jambalaya). Eggs and rice for breakfast. Rice with milk and sugar for dessert.

Thank God I liked rice, and to this day, we still have rice as a main food source. In fact, I had eggs and rice for dinner tonight. I felt rich because Miss Hallie also fried up some bacon. :D

I was feeling pretty good till I saw the word verification: mooseing.