Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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my buddy- happy in nevada- sent me this link- tumbleweed tiny house company. interesting idea. i, at one point, considered yurt living. buy a plot of land and buy a yurt. they have 'family sized' and it would be bare bones living no doubt. but in this day and age- and in this country- it is very difficult to go completely off the grid- so, i opted to embrace the grid fully.

yurt 1

yurt 2

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Spadoman said...

With all the traveling I used to do, I have lived extensively in the back of a van or a pick up truck. I had everything I needed with me, in a couple of bags.

Of course I needed money and had some or an income I could draw from, but I have worked, doing day labor, and lived on it, freeloading and finding a place to park the aforementioned van or pick up.

What always made me think was this:

I am out here, alive, fed, clothed, sheltered. I have a home back in Wisconsin with a shitload of crap in it. When I'm out here, I don't see it, I don't use it. For all general purposes, do those possessions actually exist?

(like the tree making a noise when it crashes to the ground if there is no one to witness or hear it)

I'm just sayin'. WE choose how we do it. Some choose a lot, some choose little, some in between. If I was alone and not have a family, I'd live in a vehicle, traveling seasonally around the country.