Monday, February 23, 2009

why is it?

that the 'new' face of the gop looks remarkably like the old face of the gop? at least in ideas, policies, tax cuts, vision, tax cuts,....

bobby jindal:

"In other words, Jindal - the alleged voice of the GOP future - had absolutely nothing new to say. And what he did say, about the stimulus, was purposefully misleading. I'm not sure how well the Obama stimulus, banking and budget plans will work. No one is. But I do know how the philosophy and the misleading politics that Jindal offered today has worked in the recent past. "

george p. bush:

"Bush, the son of former Gov. Jeb Bush, grandson of former President George H. Bush and nephew of former President George W. Bush, addressed a national conference of young Republicans and told them there is a rift in the party between fiscal conservatives and what he calls "D light" — Republicans who are trying to appeal to the political middle."

sarah palin:

once elected, palin hired cronies and lashed foes

todd palin in contempt

gov. palin to pay back taxes on perks

but hey, according to the rank and file, these folks are 'charismatic and good looking':

"A lot of people say that maybe he (george p.) couldn't run because of his name, I don't think that's the case," Graham said. "He's smart, he's good looking, he's charismatic. I don't see anything that would stop him. It's a great package."

kinda like mitt 'mittens' romney.


Anonymous said...

If he knows how to wipe his ass, he's smarter than any Bush in American politics in the last 50 years.

Unknown said...

What this country needs is a good exterminator.

jmsjoin said...

That Palin is still in Politics sickens me. That speaks ill for our system! Palin, Jindal, Steele, they figure they will change their face but as you say it is the same old crap and it seems worse now!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Palin does us one favor: By following her antics. we are able to keep tabs on the Evangelical freaks.

Dave Dubya said...

Republicans can't help themselves. It's the inbreeding and indoctrination.

The poor wretches can neither see the truth nor hear a word of reason.

They truly are a soul sucking cult of greedy, power mad, war mongering zombies and ideologues.

Unknown said...

Holy smokes, Dave! Why don't ya tell us what ya really think about 'em. C'mon man, let it out.

Dave Dubya said...

Hey Tim,
I'm often inclined to answer an honest question. And sometimes I just can't keep an honest impression from slipping out.

I don't mean for a second to imply any notion that I lack love and compassion for our bewildered brethren.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch Obama's speech. Those beautifully-dressed people must have stood up, applauded and sat down 1,000 times. I thought that some of them might cark it!

Anyway, credit is going to start flowing again, that's the main thing!

But wasn't easy credit what caused the problem in the first place?

Beats me!

billie said...

trust me- i appreciate honesty. guess that's why i am not a politician :) and i struggle with the fact that there isn't any respect or love in my heart for those kind of people. there are glimmerings of sympathy though. it's a start.

Unknown said...

It's way more than a start, Betmo. Sympathy is compassion, empathy, and thoughtfulness, a form of love that comes from the heart, meant to be given freely. Respect, once we get past childhood, is something to be earned. e.g. Bro Tim respects Betmo. :)