Thursday, February 05, 2009

universal healthcare

people- this is the 21st century. there is no excuse for people dying because they don't have insurance- the only reason we have such a system is greed, greed, greed. we do not have the greatest healthcare system in the world- far from it. we are near the bottom. there is absolutely no reason that america should not provide every man, woman and child in this country with basic healthcare. no reason. all of us have experienced the drug pushing, misdiagnoses, arrogance, indifference, etc. of doctors and other healthcare providers. we have lived through the drug recalls- although some have died and there is no excuse other than greed. this should not be. our country would do better to understand that socialism is not a dirty word and that a proper blend of capitalism and socialism would insure our ability to live to 'pursue happiness' that is our human right according to thomas jefferson. there are millions of stories and i am going to share one i got from my buddy happy in nevada:

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Dave Dubya said...

It's past time to scream at the ignorant ill-informed Murakin public that socialism is their best hope.

I would start out with billboards on every highway with these three points.


1. Corporatism Failed You!

2. With regulated Capitalism, Socialism is the sane alternative.

3. Socialism is NOT Communism.