Wednesday, February 04, 2009

that last minute

attempt to fuck the environment at the behest of the energy seekers- failed. yep. so much for your legacies creeps. guess that's why dick 'the dick' cheney has been out there fear mongering again. apparently, he doesn't realize that no one 1) gives a shit about what he has to say and 2) that he is irrelevant. oh- and dick- we know who will be behind any 'attacks' on american soil- and it won't be al quaida. seriously, you looted the treasury of america and you want us to believe that you won't orchestrate something to hassle obama? we lived through the last 8 years with you at the helm and the last 30 or so with you in politics. we got your number.

see, this is why i only read my buddies' blogs and not the newsy ones. my blood pressure went up about 30 points.


keith olbermann's rebuttal to cheney



I agree with you; just finished talking with a friend on the phone who feels the same way.

When Bush and cronies were 'in office', at least we could keep our eye on them (somewhat); now they're 'off and running'....

This man should just 'drop dead' if there was a god who really existed; 'smite him'.....

He likes to keep the 'fear factor going'.

Hope you liked the recipes I sent you.

Had a great day at the Indian Reservation; they celebrate their 'nation' with a pow-wow; wonderful!

With such a beautiful day; the world so bright, you wonder how people can be so dark and evil.

Thinking about your real estate sale; hope it goes easily and quickly.

DandelionSalad said...

Excellent commentary, Betmo. Was thinking the same thing about any new attack being orchestrated by Cheney and gang. Ahhh!