Friday, February 20, 2009

only good friday

hmmmm....... still on the self imposed news blackout but mom keeps me updated once in awhile. she is semi blacked out. :) hubby made it safely to florida to visit his fam- no plane crashes this go round. now, i only have to worry on tuesday. they seem excited to see him so he should have a good time. me and the lap leeches have the house to ourselves- what to do what to do? they aren't much good at party planning because 1) they are lazy and 2) they don't have opposable thumbs. guess we'll just listen to music and beach ourselves somewhere warm. sounds good to me :) hopefully, everyone is staying warm and safe and loving their loved ones. we only get one life to live- and we should make the most.

i intend to :) i also intend to call it an early day and night as i got up at the buttcrack of dawn to take hubby to the airport. he owes me real big :)

only the good fridays

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