Monday, February 02, 2009

monday, monday

the first week in february- yeah!!! i am pretending today as if the world didn't exist. i think we all need those moments where we are just peaceful where we are and enjoying the moment. the superbowl was a good football game yesterday; i finished the baby blanket for a relative that i started (wow- i finished a project :) and the weather is in double digits above freezing. life is good. put our old apartment building on the market and we have gotten a few nibbles- so i am grateful for that.

new feature here at the blog- and you can thank my buddy thornie for this one- only the good fridays. fridays tend to be 'dump the crap' news days because it's the weekend- and hey, we don't want to be hassled. so, this was the idea behind the day and i couldn't agree more:

"We are living in some pretty negative times, aren’t we? You can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing more bad news about the economy, the war, the stock market, the political candidates. I think that many of us are living in a state of fear (though I’m in the state of Texas).

Fear feeds upon itself
. It’s like a contagious virus. I’m tired of adding to it. I want to start another kind of “virus.”

You see, I think that optimism can be contagious, too. If we consciously try to look at the good in the world around us, it will become easier to see."


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I just found this one! Glad youre on board!

jmsjoin said...

You can't live in fear! Everything today is negative but it is beyond our control so you can not let it bother you.
Just be prepared and relax. When whatever happens, happens and affects you just take care of it. No big Deal. Have a nice Friday!