Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i have a few questions too

about personal responsibility and parenthood and christian 'quiversfull' and racial disparity, etc. i doubt that the msm will jump on board shark fu

i left a comment over there- but i will feel free to discuss here if anyone wants to jump right on in... :)


WeezieLou said...

i chose to NOT have kids bcs i knew i did not have enough emotional autonomy to be that selfless, having been born to a narcissist. i loved my mother, dearly - and i've known for decades (after much therapy) that she should not have had 4 children. but middle class america being what it was, suburban norms being what they were............yes, i feel judgmental. my mother had children for reasons other than a selfless desire to be a mother - and it was really, really hard for me growing up. i don't CARE abt legal rights, etc, in re: procreation - screen parent wanna-bees the same way foster or adoptive parents are screened.

Unknown said...

thanks for the link, lib. I'd never been to ABB's blog before.Enjoyed the comments on this post ,too. Very thought-provoking.

It's a very complex issue. Still thinkin' on this one. :-)

Unknown said...

The one who needs the most skewering is the Doctor. What is his agenda? Book deal? Scientific Paper? ????????????? Maybe he should be sued by the State for their upbringing.

Unknown said...

I agree the doctor bears responsibility. It's a perverse thing to do, for sure.

This is an assumption. I'm not a shrink and I don't usually engage in armchair psych-ups of people's motives. I have worked with many thousands of people over the years. With that said. The woman who sought the doctor's "treatment" is a very needy person. No-brainer there. Because she was deprived as a child, she has this insatiable emotional hole to fill. She is gratified most by filling with babies to "get love from".

My assumption is that if someone is that psychologically disturbed to want to give birth to eight children through in-vitro, even if denied, she would find various ways to get her fix. Perhaps not in the form of a lump sum of eight but certainly over time.

I wonder if Suleman is reality-show material?

Unknown said...

And sorry, Betmo, for calling you Lib. I'd just been at Liberality's.

Also, I haven't forgotten about recognizing the award you gave me on The Peace Tree. That was so kind. I was actually waiting to see if anyone else would be nominated and then post about it.

Yours in Peace,

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I went over and read the post you linked....it opened up 15 or 20 kabillion cans of worms, none of which are ever going to have any answers. It's the equal to the gun control fight.

Taken from your comment there:
"'parents' of 18 are revered with corporate sponsors because they are white, evangelical and republican. "

I had guessed before they were Jesus Freaks, but it wasn't comfirmed till this. It explains a lot. Per them, it is a woman's duty per god's orders to multiply. In doing so, she is obeying god's word. The number is decided by how mentally unbalanced any one influence is, in the JF's life, frankly. I'm going to guess that the Doctor was also a JF who agreed women were nothing but baby factories, and when he found one as sick as himself..we see what happened.

It must always be remembered that these goofy fuckers see god/jesus/bessie the cow on cornflakes and toast with dismaying regularity, celebrate when one of us (heathens) suffer a calamity. Peak intelligence and maximum mental balance should never be assumed.

Finally, there is another angle I haven't seen mentioned anywhere because it's one of those third rail subjects that have been swept under the rug.

"Catching up" with the minorities. White people are having the fewest babies of any color group, and we've all seen those "_____" going thru the store with "x" snot nose kids.

This pisses God off to no end, as everybody knows only white people were meant to run the joint, not some damn "__________"! So when God has a chance to catch up, he goes like a MFer! The unstable folks I described before? They interpret what God wants and how he wants it done. One can see how things could get real messy in a....well, "bang!:)"

If there's anyone that didn't see my tongue hanging out my cheek, don't take it out on Betmo. Come over to my place, and I'll pound the words in you one at a time. No messy grease required!!

billie said...

i thought that too- when you have pat buchanan out there talking about the very same thing- and all of the white evangelical heads like robertson and dobson ordering the minions to have more babies. these old white supremacists don't realize that people are people underneath. given education and a chance to grow- well, many non white nations have prospered- in spite of the western world's best efforts at keeping them down.

this particular woman is neither white nor mentally stable. and it is unfortunate for her family and her children.