Wednesday, February 25, 2009

huh- so much for bobby jindal

guess his response went over like- well, i didn't watch it but chris matthews said 'oh god' before he even spoke.

should i even try to gauge rethug response? i mean it is the party of sarah palin. they probably love him.

this is an apt description.


i guess the rethugs see jindal, et al, as a way to appeal to younger folks. i mean meghan mccain is the one who started the whole deal with attempting to get rethugs acquainted with the internets. i guess they just prefer to twitter.


Unknown said...

Jindal's ranting was a non sequitur. I was saying, "Oh, God" after the first 30 seconds. It was apparent the idiot wrote it before he read the advance copy Obama sent out. He didn't even have the sense to edit out the things Obama never said.

I watched Obama's speech, and then Jindal's lame response. It was straight out of the Twilight Zone.

A couple more speeches like that, and he'll even have the wingturds saying, "Bobby who????"

I found it pathetically funny, and quite surreal.


I posted Obama's speech on my blog; have had several e-mails thanking me for it; love re-reading it.

I can't believe the news media even aired Jindal; it was crap!

Here's one comment from a web-site - sharing...

News & Opinion
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Bobby Jindal's response to Obama
Poor Bobby Jindal, said Andrew Malcolm in the Los Angeles Times. He “was toast before he walked down that lonely hallway” in the Louisiana governor’s residence to deliver the Republican response to President Obama’s big speech. After Obama’s big show on Capitol Hill, the young, personable Jindal, “a rookie on the national stage,” looked small. And his message—America’s strength is its people, not its government—got lost (click here for video of Jindal's response).

"The follow-up to an elaborately staged joint session of Congress is always going to look diminished," said Michelle Malkin in her blog.

"Look," said Jonathan Capehart in The Washington Post, "Republicans have a problem and there was nothing Jindal could have done to make it better tonight. Obama is wildly popular," and, according to MSNBC, McCain voters were positive as consistently as Obama voters throughout the president's speech. Jindal's a rising Republican star, but he needed to do more than say "Americans can do anything" over and over—and he didn't rise to the occasion.

You'll be seeing more of Bobby Jindal, said Michael Gerson, also in the Post. Some say he's the GOP's Obama, Rush Limbaugh thinks he's the next Ronald Reagan. Actually, Jindal's "supremely wonkish" like Bill Clinton, which makes him the GOP's "anti-Palin." At this point in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election, "no Republican can be considered more than the flavor of the month. But this is an appealing one."

If you want to compare Jindal to someone, said Jason Linkins in The Huffington Post, try Kenneth, the network page in NBC's 30 Rock (click here for the video). "If it wasn't such a dead-on comparison it would be catty to say out loud." It's hard to believe Republicans think Americans will fall for someone with that kind of aw-shucks earnestness.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I say the same thing the minute I see Chris Mawthews.