Thursday, February 05, 2009

don't forget

tomorrow is friday- only the good fridays via thornie

i admire chris hedges- he seems to be a pretty sharp guy. he apparently has come around to something i have realized for the last 3 years or so-

it's not going to be ok

no, it most likely isn't- but i have also realized over the last hellacious 8 years- we only have one life to live and no matter what the situation- we should live it to the fullest. moment by moment if necessary. staying as calm as we can and feeling the fullest range of emotions we can feel and being the best people we can be- for ourselves and for others. it's really all we have. the only person you can truly depend on looks back at you from the mirror every day. hopefully, you make that person proud.

the best advice i have is the same i have been giving- become as self sufficient as you can. and be willing to protect you and your loved ones against your neighbors. it really is that simple.

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Naj said...

That was a nice article; although a bit too gloomy for my taste!

I have to admit it is a little bit of fun to watch the capitalist country having realized Marx's theories; having eaten itself up!

It is interesting how no one talks about Marx!

I think Americans are still scared of the "Russian" Marx!!

Anyways, I think it is absolutely unfair that because of a bunch of greedy and another bunch of idiots, we are trapped in this poop!