Monday, February 23, 2009


i put a blogroll on the sidebar. i did not import my whole google reader, however, and if you would like to be added and don't see your name there- shoot me an email and i would be delighted to add you in. feel free to browse other folks if you aren't sucked in by my always meaningful prose ;) usually ten times out of ten- those folks say whatever it was i was trying to say- much better. thanks to yous who voted or left comments.


jmsjoin said...

Allright Betmo
That is quite a list. I might have missed and I will go back and check but do you have Border Explorer? As her name implies she focuses on the Mexican American Border!

billie said...

nope- i only put out what's in my daily reads in google reader. if you give me her link- i will check her out and add her. thanks :)