Wednesday, February 04, 2009

bigotry and racism in america- imagine that

say the words 'bigotry and racism' and immediately what springs to mind are jim crow and racial profiling- among black folks generally. but before you get complacent- just a reminder that it exists against every 'minority' population in america. that includes asian folks- but you rarely hear about the bigotry perpetrated against that group. i have seen it first hand on the block i used to live on- that hotbed of 'tolerance and respect'- i shouldn't have been surprised really. i already knew the neighbors didn't like black folks or gay folks. they should be thrilled that the buyer of our apartment building may be a chinese immigrant :) if he qualifies for the mortgage. but i digress...

anyhoo- while everyone makes a big to do over michael phelps inhaling- disney's darling miley cyrus is apparently partying hearty too. it's unfortunate that when you party- you do really stupid things- and hey, when you are a celebrity with all of those corporate endorsements (hasslebitch on the view is riding that pony hard in regards to phelps) perhaps you should act like a better role model. especially the prepubescent ones. why not hop on this story hasslebitch?


Unknown said...

Oh, no, you've really sucked me in with this one! I bipassed the interview and went straight to The Power of Art. Still there, reading about Van Gogh. I think I have my reading for the night! :-)

I won't forget about the interviews, though. I love Bill Moyers and this guest is no exception to the usual quality he speaks to.

Anonymous said...

No shit? Once some years ago I attended a wedding. At the reception I wandered out to the patio to enjoy some conversation with a group of friends of various and mixed ethnicity. I walked into a group rant about the "asians" taking over business, getting loans, jobs and I don't know what all else. I stopped for a moment, my jaw hanging as I listened to my black and mexican friends and then my mouth ran away with me as usual. I said "I don't fucking believe you guys. I thought I was walking in on a group of KKK-ers talking about blacks and mexicans". You shoulda seem the looks on their faces! LMFAO! Thorni strikes again!