Monday, January 19, 2009


that bubonic plague is like a 'smart bomb.' parting gift from the bushies?

more and more, looks like the religious right just can't get no respect- on this final night of the 'reign of terror' here in america, let me just say that there should be absolutely no religious praying or any other crap at an inauguration unless all religions are represented. according to the constitution, america does not have a state religion. this is NOT a christian nation and you cannot rewrite history to make it so.

so, here's a brief history lesson- the 'under god' in the presidential oath seems to have started in 1882 with chester arthur (R)-- not george washington. therefore, it was NOT put in there by thomas jefferson. moving on... the pledge of allegiance to the flag- written in... oh, wait... 1882 and the under god thing- added in 1954 by dwight eisenhower (R).

seems pretty straight forward to me. it wasn't the founding fathers who wanted this a christian nation- looks like it's just republicans. hmmmmmmm.......

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