Thursday, January 01, 2009

what could you live without?

new pew report out- yeah! it's funny, when i think of necessities i wouldn't or couldn't live without- toilet paper comes to mind. not tv. but hey, guess it's a matter of perspective.

here's my list- do you have and do you need:

car- yep, necessity right now. i need to be able to get to the fam in a timely fashion and they are 10 miles away- so, yes and yes.

clothes washer- yes- but that means either here at home or laundromat. i would do the laundromat thing if i had to. yes and no.

clothes dryer- yes, and no.

air conditioning- no and no

microwave- yes and no

tv- yes and no

car air conditoner- yes and no

computer- yes and no

cell phone- yes and yes- we don't own a landline

dishwasher- yes, and no

cable/satellite- yes, no

high speed internet- yes- and if i have internet- yes

flat screen tv- yes and no

ipod- no and no

my list of necessities would look like this- what i couldn't live without:

toilet paper
personal hygiene products
books- i mean i would if i had to- but i wouldn't really want to


jmsjoin said...

Hi Betmo
Taking a moment to look around the old nrighborhood! Like you I have given this a lot of thought especially of late. The only thing I would but wouldn't want to do without is the computer as it is our printing press!
I know I do not need anything but will survive as long as there is dirt and some semblence of life I can take advantage of.
Having stores a heated house, and electricity, it nice but you can survive without it and survivsl is all that matters!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I am rather amused at the makeup of that list. I remember lye soap and scruboards, Sears Catalogs and (only) woodstoves.

You figure out what the Sears Catalog was for:P

billie said...

i had one of those 'outside facilities' :) but we used toilet paper thank you. some folks used newspapers- and i say that's all they are good for these days :)

Unknown said...

When you really think about it; choosing to live without certain things is certainly easier than having them taken away or never having had them at all.

I could live without TV. I have, in fact, gone without it for a decade at a time. I could live without a dryer but not without a washer or access to one. I would do without a car if I lived in the city. I can live without the latest and greatest techie toys but I have to have my computer; as AP said, it is the peoples press. And my camera brings me great pleasure, too.I passed up an ipod but I have to have music of my choosing in some form.

It's a good thing to think about...

Dave Dubya said...

I couldn't live without my Zune mp3 player...Oops, it just died.

Let's bring back cassettes.

Praphull said...

nice choices... better then i would have made

@an average patriot
nice perspective... though things are not as simple when it comes to real life...

@Dave Dubya

two crows said...

hi Betmo--
an interesting exercise.
I dust my truck off 1ce per month to go to the clinic for meds. otherwise, I drive my golf cart. and I _could_ walk the 8 miles to the clinic if I had to.

there is a laundromat in my community -- so a washer/dryer isn't a necessity.

I could get by without a tv -- but would miss my documentaries -- the main thing I watch.
since the computer is my main method of communication, I'd hate to do without it.

still, necessities would be: a roof, seeds, space for a garden, clothes, clean water, microwave [stove is not necessary], refrigerator. obviously, electricity would be necessary.

and, oh yes, toilet paper. I've used newspaper in the past-- but would rather not go back. =6

billie said...

ahh... yes- newspaper- that's slightly worse than using some recycled paper toilet paper :) i would hate to do without the computer- but i can live without it. i did for 30+ years and i would again. i would simply go to the library or local computer pod and check in less frequently. it's funny, looking at all of the things i enjoy having but don't really need. i think about what so many people don't have- and really need. not really guilt- but it gives me a different perspective when i purchase anything and i ask serious questions about want versus need.

i think many folks in the western world have the two confused :)

two crows said...

yup. I do use recycled tp and tissues. no, they're not as good as the fancy, schmancy virgin papers. but, even some brands that use virgin paper aren't that great, either.

I agree that westerners get needs and wants mixed up.
it's amazing the things I managed to do without back in the 60's/70's: like a house-- I lived in a cave, in a truck, on the beach, etc. for a few years. but I wasn't 60-y-o then, either. . . .