Monday, January 05, 2009


who the fuck brings snacks to watch a war?

oh yeah.


eaprez said...

we do the same thing here - only here we do it via TV. Remember the first Gulf War? I remember writing a college paper on the desensitization of Americans to the horror of war due to the blow by blow coverage on CNN of 'smart bombs'.

epikles said...

I also want to recommend to you this site:

billie said...

thanks tom- i did indeed check it out. that's what kills me- the fact that the western world starts from the point that the eastern european emigres have a right to be there and that it is their homeland- even though many of them originated completely in europe. what it boils down to is what the author said in the latest post- greed for the land. the settlements have never stopped and the israelis have not honored 1 agreement- and yet, it is always the palestinians fault.


and no one apparently, finds that strange. it is so surreal.

and my opinions are not an endorsement of hamas or terrorism- and i am not anti-semitic at all. if anything, i am anti-religion of any kind. but i am sure there are folks out there who automatically brand me as all of the above. so be it.