Saturday, January 17, 2009

second cuppa musings

i send on many of the links i see- for reasons explained elsewhere- but i thought perhaps i would share a few today- on the cusp of the new year. the 2008 elections swept many rethuglicans from office and indeed, many more are deciding not to run in 2010. but please don't be lulled into a false sense of winning- because rethuglicans don't go away- they get recycled. we have all seen gingrich, rove, kristol, buchanan, etc out there as talking heads and whatnot- well, delay is still lurking in a think tank, as do many of the former rethugs. they used to go into lobbying, ala trent lott, but with some regulations being handed out in that realm- think tanks are in. indeed, the shrub is having a private institute attached to his library in dallas- probably to plan world domination again.

so, it came as no surprise that rick santorum and bill frist reared their ugly heads again. please, mark my words- these people are not in the public eye but they will continue to work against any progressive agenda behind the scenes. we become complacent at our own peril. and congress is not off the hook either- gitmo will be closed sooner or later but that does not mean that those folks will go free. please don't harbor any illusions- we do have other secret prisons around the world that people are renditioned to and tortured in. iraq and afghanistan for certain and detainees are often outsourced to egypt and eastern europe so we don't get our hands dirty.

as for big corporate and lies- well, that isn't going to go away either. this isn't a magic land cleansed because bushco is leaving the white house. make no mistake- the corporatocracy exists to perpetuate itself- much like any of our institutions such as human services and education. drug execs still pander untested and unsafe drugs- so hopefully, the new FDA will have some teeth. until then, i don't take meds. and big coal brags about manipulating facts during elections in order to push their agenda. get real. there is no such thing as clean coal or unlimited oil and natural gas. they are fossil fuels and they burn dirty and get used up. and all of them have to be extracted from the earth causing environmental hazards and destruction. although, according to all of the lies from bushco, you many not know that.

and the last bit made me chuckle. not happily but with a bitter irony. one article rants at how we should not compare modern day israel's murdering of palestinians with the nazi's wholesale slaughter of the european jews because there were no gas chambers, etc. but then goes on to admit that many other aspects are quite similar. the other article, written by a member of british parliment, does just that- and quite adamantly- compares the two atrocities. take a peek yourselves and reach your own conclusion. i have mine.

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