Wednesday, January 07, 2009

poor folks screwed again

second hand clothing stores facing crossroads

we have polluted just about everything on this planet- and we probably have more phthalates or whatever in our shower curtains than our clothes.

thanks happy in nevada



I'm so glad you posted this; and your succinct and 'right-on-target' summary is perfect!

I'm hoping people will get smart; set up clothing closets through schools and churches - take all those clothes, and GIVE THEM AWAY so they aren't 'selling them', and hopefully the damned government won't come after them for some other bull-shit!

I lived in California for 17 years; the smog that rained down and 'reigned over', Los Angeles was worse than anything one would find in 'clothing'. We had to move 1 full hour SOUTH to get away from the smog, and now even that part of the area is starting to show that 'brown stuff' during the summer-time.

Drive up to Las Vegas; the 'smog cloud' greets you before you get there....

People are sucking up cigarettes; blowing smoke, but still that industry only has to put a 'warning label' on its product.

All they'd have to do is put up a sign about this 'shit' they're talking about; new or used, just a warning label and LET US MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES!

Get this; now California is going to try to out-law the 'big-screen' televisions; by mid-2009! All that means is everyone will buy that big boob tube 'on line' and keep on keeping on.

Of course then they might set up the t.v. 'police'; inspecting your home when your power bill is a 'bit too high'. Adding that to the $20 fine for 'talking on the celllar phone' or 'text messaging', we could hire a WHOLE BUNCH OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE (stimulus package????) to become 'product police'.

They would nose around; write tickets for this and that - confiscate your big screen t.v.; run some damned gadget over your child's clothing each time he went to school, and if he 'failed the frisk', they'd strip him/her naked; shower his/her ass, and call the parents to come and bring new clothes that would 'pass the test'.

I'm guessing they want all those poor little kids to decide to join the 'infantry' - a real 'infant' for the 'infant infantry'. They'd give them 'safe clothes'; teach them how to shoot and kill, and have them well-trained by the time they turned 18 so they could go 'somewhere foreign', and die for their country.

We're living in a country of 'anti-social-insecurities', and it's the war-mongers and greedy retailers and industrialists that are pulling those strings (contaminated with greed I'm sure).

Maybe we should just set up nudist colonies all over the damned country, and truly let it 'all hang out'!

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Every piece of clothing I own seems to have a hole somewhere in it.
A tear.
A snag.
A furled collar.
Shrunken look.
Deadened color.
A missing button.
A raging crinkle.
A stubborn thread.
Not unlike my heart over the genocide in Palestine.