Monday, January 05, 2009

newsy roundup

i am really hammering this point because apparently, the american and israeli media is promoting outright propaganda instead of news.

juan cole is outstanding covering the middle east- so please take a look

""It's Hell in Here" "They are Bombing 1.5 million People in a Cage"


army manual promotes christianity to combat epidemic suicides


eaprez said...

propaganda is a large part of war. Remember how our own government propagandized us? So the idea that the israelis are engaging in propaganda is not at all surprising...actually both sides engage in propaganda. This is Bush's doing when he spoke against extending the cease fire. What is really surprising is that we don't hear much about how this action actually puts Americans at increased risk of being objects of terrorist attacks.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Ten days of carnage and President Elect Barack Obama remains silent...."

Therein lies the much bigger problem. Not just Obama, but all Presidents in History.

The national religion. Christianity. The damn delusional fools think Israel is some how "the holy land" because some dumbass spread the mythical bullshit rumor that some wierdo was born there without aid of sperm, egg, mother, or father.

That alone is reason enough to bomb the fuckers out of existence!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Juan Cole link.