Thursday, January 29, 2009

a new meme

from my buddy thornie- who has decided to return to the blogosphere in brand new digs fyi :)

so, in light of the fact that one of my anonymous readers scolded me about always being so doom and gloom- and doncha know we need some uplifting in these tough times already- i was delighted to pretend to put some thought into this meme ;) so, without further ado:

apparently, i am supposed to name 5 addictions and pass it along to 5 other unsuspecting- i mean deserving- bloggers to do the same :)

1) morning coffee- no brainer there right? :)

2) chocolate- just love it. mostly in chocolates like truffles or those scrumptious hershey's kisses with cherry in the middle- but chocolate- dark chocolate is my favorite :)

3) internet- i check my emails and google reader at least 3 times a day- more if i am bored :) and i am so used to googling everything as a starting point for research- i doubt i could use a library anymore:)

4) environmental stuff :) i have a million gardening books and links on rain barrels, cleaning products, etc.

5) recipes- it's about the only thing i collect besides books :)

i love all of you- free for all the meme :)

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Thorne said...

Yay, Betmo!!!!