Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more religious stupidity

schools can expel students they think 'seem gay'- hmmmm..... seem gay. what does that even mean? there are folks out there no one ever knows are gay- rock hudson, wanda sikes, condi rice- and there are others who aren't gay who you would swear are. does the stupidity of the religious right ever end? sorry, rhetorical question.

has some folks wondering why they should bother to respect the 'oppressive religions' anymore. beats me. the only things i have found the organized religions know how to do- oppress, fearmonger, bilk, use, abuse, and completely mistreat anyone in thier paths. did i mention brainwash? and they manage to be just about as hypocritical as human beings can be at the same time. i suppose that could be construed as 'talent'.


WeezieLou said...

WeezieLou said...

the movie is called "prayers for bobby". it blew me away. it's abt reality, played out in a very, very real way - a way that any of us who've been confronted with 'coming out' - and the families hearing the news................very powerful.

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