Monday, January 19, 2009

i live in the northeast

upstate new york, in fact. perhaps new york city geese are different- but most geese fly south for the winter. it's winter. pigeons perhaps or gulls- but geese? i am willing to admit i am not a goose expert.


fjb said...

My apologies from up in the great white north. Of course they would have to be "Canada" geese, wouldn't they. Not only are we to blame for your shitty cold weather, now our poop-machine, bad-tempered geese are taking out your aircraft. Have you ever tried to play a round of golf when these bastards are on the course?

landsker said...

Actually, inside sources indicate that they were "suicide" geese, trained by Islamic extremists..., and disguised as inner-city pigeons, they infiltrated the airport, where at the last moment they threw off their disguises, before flying in attack formation towards the aircraft engines.
Reports indicate that an undercover goose from the intelligence agencies may have been amongst them, but the agency denies all knowledge.
The White house has refuted allegations that it knew of the impending plot, yet still allowed it to happen.

billie said...

trust me fi- i know all about 'canada geese' they live here too :) in fact, they have been so damned pesty in our parks and yards, special geese chasing dogs were brought in to chase them off. i kid you not. i don't know how much it cost- but it worked. hopefully, they decide to go back to your yard :)