Monday, January 19, 2009

history is over but the future is ours'

the american future- a history- book or dvd of series

bill moyers/simon schama part 1

bill moyers/simon schama part 2

bill moyers- born again american

for the first time in a very long time, i feel that sense of optimism and 'can do' that does define america. knowing that so very many people do really believe that america has flaws and that the entire country needs so very much work- well, it's a relief. i believe in the spirit of community service and working together- and it worked pretty well for our pioneering predecessors. i am hopeful that we can ALL work together this time though- black, white, brown, red, yellow, muslim, christian, athiest, etc. but i am not pollyannish enough to believe it will happen overnight.

we have so very much work to do to save our country and our planet- and i don't know if we will make it. but for the first time in a long time, i really feel like our whole country (well, perhaps not the 20% for bush) will be the united states of america in the future- again. schama points out our sordid history and perhaps it's because he has 'foreign' eyes that he is able to look so very clearly at it and still maintain that we did and do have good points. we need patriotism again- not the nationalistic flag waving type- but true love for our country; our planet; our brothers and sisters and in between- and ourselves.

we have a tough row to hoe these next few years- and we have to have the fortitude and the patience to get through. i am not pinning my hopes on barack obama. he is one man- a very compelling and intelligent man- but it isn't up to just him. it is up to us. it is our america. it is our planet. we have to shoulder the responsibility and the work to make it so. there are no excuses. we either do it or we don't. but we will have no one to blame but ourselves.



It's nice to see similar statements such as yours, appear on web-sites and blogs.

I also like the fact nearly everyone is reminding the reader that, "Obama can't do it alone - we all have to pitch in too...."

Right now I'm looking more into the homeless conditions in our part of the state, and thankful our local channel has just awarded certificates to so many for such outstanding service and contribution to those that live on the streets.

In all the 'ceremonial celebration' about the incredible results they achieved this year, it was all about 'everyone pitching in' so it's the same requirement whether it's working locally in your community; obviously taking control and being responsible in your own life, but on a grand national scale, we might enjoy the joy of again, pulling together and really becoming the UNITED PEOPLE OF AMERICA - forget the word 'states'....

Night now. Tomorrow is a happy day for millions....


Post Script: Creepy Bill O'Reilly has just done a 'number' on Bill Moyers; says that Bill has lost nearly all his credibility.

Typical of O'Reilly; O'Reilly has never had any to start with as far as I'm concerned.

But then, that's another story and 'rant' - not to muck up your post with that b.s.

Mariamariacuchita said...

excellent and true. Time to do something repair work from those crooks who ran the White House for the past 8 years. This will not be a quick fix.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about needing patriotism. I'd love to feel proud of this country again. If that's being patriotic, I'll take it.

I may disagree already with some of Obama's cabinet picks and certainly with choosing Rick Warren for invocation tomorrow but over-all I really like the man. It was great to see him leading by example: helping paint a wall for...was it a community center? I don't recall but he talked about everyone pitching in. I can't remember ever a time where I saw a president leading by example on something like community service. Maybe Carter. But I seem to recall his focus on this coming after he was done with the presidency.

I'm glad you feel optimistic, Bet. I share in it with you. But I also know I can count on you to call Obama on his mistakes in a respectful way, as a form of patriotism.

Peace, my friend.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I too wish we could "all get along" but that will never be, because there are those who do not WANT to get along; they only wish to advance a religion.

The moment Obama's victory was announced, they set to planning how to make sure that never happened again.

Anonymous said...

I embrace this happy day & regime change.
I am equally happy shrub & co are leaving as I am Obama is arriving.
We will need to help & also make sure the spineless bullshit of the past 8 years does not continue.
We need sanity & intelligence.
WE need peace & to stop warring.
Obviously our work is cut out.

Still this is a happy day, let's celebrate!