Wednesday, January 14, 2009

heat wave

so, we are in the beginnings of a cold snap here in my neck of the woods. at least it feels a bit more like winter. at 9:30 am est it is currently 7 degrees but feels like negative 7. but the sun is shining brilliantly off of the 3-10 inches we got earlier in the week and it's cold but lovely. as long as you bundle up- it's fine. of course, i haven't been outside yet ;)

having a nice warm cuppa and debating what to do with myself today. i need to get the seed catalogs finished and ordered because i am going to stagger my orders so i am not laying out all of that cash at once. seeds and stuff i should say :) my ultimate goal is to have a year round garden- all seasons- by using a cold frame. and i am mixing veggies, herbs and flowers together to make it look nice for sure but also to companion garden. camouflaging the veggies against theft is also a bonus but hell, perhaps there are flower thieves as well.

after i get that settled, i can plan my layouts- i am putting in a garden for the fam too. and after that, i start worrying about processing and storage- and ultimately seed storage and preservation. yep. why lay out good money if you don't save the seeds for next time? sounds like a lot of work doesn't it? it is. however, once i lay a good foundation and see what works- it should be like clockwork in subsequent years. and... i won't have to lay out more money again.

the next project will be to track down a good, sturdy rain barrel- and i am torn on this one. i found a spot that sells recycled plastic ones. and they would last quite awhile- and they are made with recycled plastic versus cutting down a tree or using a metal barrel that would eventually rust. i am leaning towards the plastic one although i am really trying to get away from plastics. sigh. besides, the wooden ones are lined with pvc. sigh. yes, i could make my own but by the time you get all of the materials together- it would cost as much as a small rainbarrel anyway.

i am planning on integrating square foot gardening with a twist on traditional row gardening. i also hope to remember to take pictures along the way :) i am going to attempt to not get too much trellising and staking if i can help it- going to use sunflowers and corn stalks to guide my vines to climb. native folks were experts at it- i intend to learn. i have a great yard- front and back and i intend to utilize it. besides, i have a reel mower i got from my dad- and that's less yard i have to mow ;) and yes, i realize it is more work than having a lawn guy or having a gas mower- that's the point.

i have determined that the only way for me to burn calories is to actually burn calories. my fat little self will be the motor for the lawn mower, the tiller of the ground, the harvester, the planter, the waterer, etc. plus, i don't have a maid and i don't have a personal chef. i have also determined that i hate to cook because it is no fun opening a bag of vegetables that end up tasting like cardboard no matter what you do to them- or soapy if they are cauliflower of corn- and i hate even thinking about touching the meat packages. i shouldn't loathe my food. so, i am taking the bull by the horns- so to speak. we aren't really zoned for animals ;) or i would probably have a few chickens and a goat ;) then i really wouldn't have to mow.

if you have any gardening advice- feel free to drop me an email or comment. i have lots of info on urban gardening, suburban gardening, container gardening, etc. this is the year i march towards food freedom. once i get through the seed catalogs ;)


jams o donnell said...

I forget you are talking Farenheit rather than Celsius.. that's cold!

I suppose you have similar suppliers in teh US but the not wife gets all our seeds from Chiltern Seeds. They stock 4500 varieties of seeds including a lot of real rarities

Frederick said...

I'm not even thinking about going outside...for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I've been in the process of the "seed catalog thing" too...preparing for this years container garden.
I'm trying not to buy all at once either.

Unknown said...

I have no advise. I've found that in my area, where there are a ton of small organic farms, it's cheaper to buy it from them than to grow it myself. I don't LOVE vegetable gardening (prefer flowers) so I'm good with that.

But I know so many people who love the whole process of growing their own food or they don't live where they can get fresh local organic produce from the actual people who grow it and even talk to you about it.

Keep us posted. Would love to see your pictures. And don't forget to take pictures of what you cook, too!

Mary said...

You are the gardening source lately! I haven't even touch my seed catalogs yet. Too busy! I do know I going to keep it simple. Stay warm B!