Thursday, January 22, 2009

hate to say i told you so


russel tice- nsa whistleblower


Unknown said...

Well, now there's a big surprise!!!!
Are they gonna get away with it???

fjb said...

Now, has everyone figured out what "meta data" means yet? It's akin to "meta tags" - key words, so to speak. Land line phone calls are swept in much the same manner. I gave up being pissed off about it. Nerds and geeks had this game figured out a long time ago, and sometimes it's just fun to screw with them deliberately. Believe me, I have on more than one occasion. I know, I'm such a smart ass and will probably pay dearly one of these days.:)

As far as getting away with it goes, they're still doing it and it ain't going to end any time soon.

billie said...

yep- and tice said 'everything' meaning phone calls, emails, chat rooms, facebook, etc. and he meant everyone. most folks don't garner a looksee but as you said fi- key words. what are some of the words they look for? well, during bushco's admin they probably looked for key words against the right. partisan politics was key and any dissenters were probably tagged to be bagged later. i posted as much numerous times.

if the nsa stops this for the obama admin (and that's a big if), you know that cheney's gang at the 'western white house' and virginia- will continue on. they intend to retake power one of these days. sooner rather than later.

fjb said...

They have bots and sniffers which are little pieces of coded software doing their dirty work, crawling all over the net scanning for meta data. This is much the same principal that search engines use to list websites, and where the listing lies on the search page. The more hits a site gets based on meta tags, the higher the listing.

These little buggers are loose and pretty much rogue, though. Phones are a little different - old fashioned bugging gone computerized/digital.