Friday, January 02, 2009

friday cat blogging

the lap leeches have become so very much more important to me after losing my sister's cat recently. he had been a fixture for most of our adult lives and now, change is on the horizon for her- and for the rest of us. i have had isaac for about 8 1/2 years- and lord knows he has heard me curse a blue streak more than once about bushco. ;) sophie, is about 5 years i think. sweet and adorable and dumb as a rock. she is my princess. she is also lazy which is why most of the pics i have of her are sleeping ones.

anyhoo, isaac likes to help out and be in the thick of things- but hey, he gets pooped too. when mom's lap is occupied or unavailable- well, he does the best he can.


fjb said...

Our latest addition is trying to lay claim to my computer desk. Last night I caught him stuck behind the tower, even though I thought I'd set up a pretty sturdy blockade to prevent that from happening. Little orange stinker. He's developing "pompoms" so a trip to the vet is in order pretty soon, methinks, thank goodness.:)

billie said...

yeah- i had the big guy snipped and clipped when we first got him :) after he peed on a pillow in the closet. thankfully, it was only the one pillow. he also likes to go behind the computer, go behind the entertainment center- anywhere where he can step on the plug in strip and turn the power off. sigh. yelling at him makes him give me a 'naughty' look and i can't use the squirt gun around the electronics. he knows this too :) he's really too smart for my own good :)