Monday, January 12, 2009

fleece my sheep?

there are many reasons i don't believe in organized religion- one of the biggest is the fleecing of the sheep. i remember the rise of the evangelicals in the early 80's- the jimmy swaggarts and ernest angely's dominating the airwaves in the rural south where i spent a few bucolic days of my youth. well, that was close to 25 years ago now but don't you fret- there's always a new crop of them taking a spot in the limelight. the sons of pat robertson and paul crouch and billy graham have been groomed to step into the void left when their fathers step down (apparently, the don't ever die. falwell was a fluke. must be he didn't go to heaven)

now, we have the hagees and the parsleys and the jakes up there pounding the lectern and yelling into the microphone to send them money. make no mistake, these folks don't believe the rapture is coming- they just want the sheeple to so that they can scare them into compliantly sending in their tithes. you know, to fund such things as proposition 8 in california and it's brother laws in a few other states- or funding the new holy land theme park or the creationist museum- or the limos, planes and yachts these 'shepherds' need to live life according to jesus and god.

over in the sidebar, in my magnolia- several links to organizations who are investigating or watch dogging some of the more egregious 'pillars of the church'- feel free to browse- i will put a couple here.

ministry watch

trinity foundation

a friend of mine sent me this link- the song is from the 1980's but you would never be able to tell if i hadn't told ya- check out the trinity broadcast network sometime.

and this one is just for fun- it's one of my favorite videos :) and yes, i am a heathen


Unknown said...

Imagine all the money these religious groups have lost because they too were invested in the stock market.
And don't leave out the biggest groups like the catholics, Jews, protestants, etc, etc.....
Could there be a lasting change the way Americans see, or donate to these religious con artists? I hope so.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

This really hasn't been my evening. I had to delete two mistakes I made in the comments on the post after this one....

Time makes a good point. However, most people 1)Don't know that religions are heavily invested in the stock market, or 2)and worse, don't even care.

Their question "will it change the way..."

No. Smart people are already laughing at the religions with firmly closed pocketbooks, and the fools will continue to dig out their money cause God needs it...(: Religion couldn't exist were it not for the fools.