Saturday, January 17, 2009

boycott israeli goods

and also the american products and companies who support them

global bds movement

in this time of recession, this could make or break and really send a message. besides, we should be much more choosy of where our goods, services and foods come from. seriously.


Unknown said...

Lots of good links at that site. Thanks, bet. I try very hard to be aware of where stuff comes from. It's frustrating that so much stuff that we need that is affordable comes from China. Very hard to avoid that.

I have not stepped in a Wal Mart now for over a year and before that very rarely. But the more I contemplate having to go there, the more I am inclined to find an alternative.

fjb said...

Thanks for posting this, Bet.

My son gave me shit for accidentally buying Kellogs Raisin Bran the other day. Being my usual smart-ass self I asked him when he started to pay attention, to which he replied: Always, I just never thought about it much before.:)