Sunday, January 11, 2009

and in environmental news...

toxic coal ash piles up in 32 states- and we get most of our electricity from coal don't forget

billions face food shortages- please, don't be lazy, grow your own when you can

how to be self sufficient in the heart of the city- i am also gardening in suburbia so feel free to email or comment with any questions or tips to pass along

i cannot stress how important it is going to be to be at least somewhat self sufficient in the future. in the very near future. please, please, trust me. our way of life as it has been is drawing to a close. we will all have to make sacrifices and become resilient and self sufficient.


jmsjoin said...

Clean coal technology yeah! There is no such thing! It bothers me that there seems to be no way out and our role may be to bring this planet full circle.
Anyway Obama wants to focus on clean coal tachnology, again no such thing!
I have been busy on allvoices sorry I have not been around much. People at the very least must learn to do without electricity, food for at least a few days with abilities to grow or forage, and make sure they have drinking water.
I will be fine and you will be okay just stay in touch!

Unknown said...

There IS such a thing as clean coal.......Santa brought me 2 chunks for Christmas.:)

jmsjoin said...

All right brother glad to at least see you on. Hope everything is still okay!