Thursday, December 11, 2008


this is in the good lord have mercy!!! category

actor slits own throat due to knife mix up

don't worry- breathe... he lives.

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Spadoman said...

Batmo... As you may remember, when I was a workin' man, I worked in the movie production business. When a scene had the use of a gun, it was a long hard task to make sure it was the "prop" gun and not a real one.

I remember working on a made for TV movie. The actor had to shoot a policeman at close range. I was standing around talking with him before the scene and he was a nervous wreck. I had never thought about the actor and how the act of shooting someone, even in make believe, would make one feel. This man was particularly troubled by it.

He got through the scene, but told me that he would never forget having to do it.