Thursday, December 04, 2008

when up is down

i realize we really only have a one party system made up of power hungry lobbyist's bitches- but this did take me a bit by surprise:

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York state Democratic Sen. Malcolm Smith has won the support of three dissidents who flirted with backing the Republicans, giving the Democrats control of the state Senate for the first time since 1965, an Albany-based spokesman for Smith said on Thursday.

This means Democrats now control all state-wide offices, which could help Gov David Paterson finally get his spending reductions enacted.

The lame duck Senate Republicans last month derailed $2 billion of cuts Paterson proposed to jumpstart the process of shutting a $15 billion, 15-month deficit.

"We've been saying for months that Senator Smith and the Democratic conference want to find ways to reduce wasteful spending and reduce the budget gap," another Smith official said.

Assembly Democrats have been much more open to cutting spending then the Senate Republicans though they also have pushed to raise income taxes on millionaires."

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