Tuesday, December 23, 2008

stupidity never takes a holiday

wtf is wrong with people? for those who don't know- i had to have the 3 story front porch replaced at my apartment building. we want to sell it and the porches were rotting where they stood. well, it has been about 2 months but things are nearing completion. and fyi- if someone tells you they can do something in x amount of time-- double it. anyhoo- so there have been support beams holding up the roof overhang since demolition started and the first mishap occurred when the guy across the street parked in front of the apartment in his rusted out decrepit truck. well, a board blew off one of the porches and landed on the roof of the decrepit cab and put a small dent in it. our contractor contacted him and of course the guy wanted a new cab. he got a couple hundred bucks from the insurance company- nice try. the doofus i rented the second floor to decided to park in the driveway one night and parked under the demolished porch and right next to the beam- stupid. the contractor yelled at him- i mean the driveway was effectively blocked and he squeezed in.

but the latest incarnation of stupidity is ups. yes, the paragon of schedule- the big m & m truck itself- decided, despite the obvious signs of construction, that they would attempt to turn around in said driveway. this is the driveway next to the neighbors we had an issue with over the summer over the shared driveway- and we only recently patched things up to civility (because they had it surveyed for a new sidewalk and found out they own like a foot of a 5 foot driveway). doncha know that the moron twins pull in to turn around and hit the support beam; knock out what is probably the cable wires to the apartment building and the beam gently comes to rest on top of the roof of the neighbor's house. sigh. luckily, it looks like no damage to their house- but the morons, finding no one home in the apartment building (if they even looked) knocked on the neighbor's door, scared the wife to death and told her 'oops' and 'hey, we're on schedule' and then left without leaving any pertinent info.

so, again, i ask- wtf is wrong with people? oh, and merry fucking christmas to those who give a hairy rat's fucking ass.

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