Wednesday, December 03, 2008

some days

i let myself feel hopeful. and then i stop reading the news before i come back to reality.

"It's an embarrassment," said Jamie Henn, co-founder and a U.S. youth delegate. "With the election of Barack Obama we showed the world we were ready to commit to real action on climate change. All this lame-duck delegation is offering is more of the same."

Henn asked delegates from other countries to ignore the current U.S. delegation and focus on the next administration's commitments.

"Thanks in large part to the work of young people across the United States, President-elect Obama has committed the U.S. to 80 percent cuts in carbon by 2050," Henn said. "That's the type of serious action scientists are saying is necessary to stabilize atmospheric C02 at the safe upper limit of 350 parts per million."

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

i can not wait for the new year. seriously, let's get on with it.