Tuesday, December 16, 2008

no doubt

blundering us should spare the world any more nation building

especially when it comes with torture


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"the president-elect has signed onto a foreign policy program continuing the “war against terror” on new, expanded and fundamentally changed terms."

I don't think he will be Bush Lite as Hilary would have been, but I think he will continue many programs, rewrapped in new paper, that exists in Bushville today.

There is something afoot that's bigger than Obama, you, or I.

landsker said...

Ah yes, the cannon-clad ship of state sails on, and the new helmsman follows the same course.
"Onward" he screams, "Until we rule the world".
Meanwhile the ship itself was sinking and the owners were considering an insurance job, and a quick exit to an un-named destination.:)