Wednesday, December 10, 2008

must see info

mom watched 60 minutes this weekend and the first report was eye opening. the saudi oil minister gave an interview that filled in many gaps in my research- and in my view- it's information that is important.

transcript here- the full transcript of the interview in case you can't do video

part one

part two


Spadoman said...

I read this entire article. To me, it sounds like the same kind of thought process the Bu$hco administration used on the people. Justify their existance by making sound like there is no problem and if there is, they have it covered.

Like Bush said after 9/11, something like go shopping and keep flying and traveling, we'll take care of any problems, don't you worry about it.

This is how the Saudi's are talking. Go ahead and use all the oil you want, there is no shortage and we'll supply all you need.

Bullshit! It is a good bet to use less of anything and everything that comes from the ground and if you think about it, everything does in one way or the other.

Lastly, it is a cost effective way to save money and with the troubled economy, this is a place to start. My daughter works for a large car rental company. She doesn't own a car. That means, no insurance costs, no payments, maintenance costs and no expense in her monthly budget for gasoline. This equates to a huge savings per year. In my estimation, well over $10,000.00.

Not using oil or cutting back can save a lot of money. It is good personal business sense to do so, not to mention the obvious benefits to the environment via pollution from processing and use.

Good report Batmo. You get an A this time. (or is it Mom who gets the "A"?) :-)

billie said...

i have to defer to mom on this one :) did you catch that he said 50 years worth of oil and the country is investing in solar to power electricity? of course we need to diversify our power. the bottom line is- this will all take time and we will need the oil as we transition every piece of machinery created to different technology. but if we don't start now- it will be far worse in- i predict- less than 50 years.