Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy 2009

i have officially declared new year's day in the betmo household- january 20, 2009 at noon est. however, i realize that the rest of the planet will be celebrating tonight- so i wanted to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to all of my blog buddies and lurkers out there. 2008 was a struggle but the human spirit has begun to be awakened here in america. there will be many challenges ahead over the next few years and 2009 is the start of new beginning for all of us. many of our treasured beliefs in ourselves and our country have been shattered and many of our foundations are crumbling. but we can rise above and meet these challenges- global and domestic- together. not just americans helping americans- but reaching out to make the entire globe a better place. humbly, without arrogance offering ourselves as fellow human beings sharing a planet with others.

and those who don't sign on.... well, let them move to tex-ass :)

happy new year!!!!


Unknown said...

We have a lot riding on the new year, don't we?

Have a good one, Betmo. I'm glad to know you in the blogosphere!

Peace & love,

WeezieLou said...

hey - what's this abt "tex-ass'?? i could seriously take that personally :).

1/20/09 - yes, the new year. however, i want to make every effort possible to temper our expectations. the man assumed almost god/prophet type status while running for election - and he is one man. but i'll drink a glass of bubbly apple cider toast to him.

and to all of you - happy new year's from mrs and mrs weezielou

billie said...

ah weez- relax- there are a few good things to come out of tex-ass :) you and the mrs. and other blog buddies of mine. unfortunately, tex-ass gave us a jackass- and in fact, a few jackasses :) so- i bust on tex-ass.

happier and happier to you and the mrs. and i hear what you are saying for sure. i am more grateful that bushco will be gone than i am obama will be in. i have a feeling that may be the case more often than not. :)

fjb said...

Happy New Year, Bet.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"and those who don't sign on.... well, let them move to tex-ass :)"

AFTER we declare Tex-ass a furrin nation and fence the foolish fuckers off from the rest of us!!

billie said...

well, i suppose i could have said 'kans-ass' or 'arkans-ass' :) any of those states are really unnecessary except for corporate agri-business- which imo we don't need. add that to the pew list :)

landsker said...

All the best to you and yours...maybe this year will bring "change".
Tens of millions of educated and literate folks are going to be unemployed, angry, looking for explanations...not just in the US, but across the globe.
Texas isn`t all that bad, is it? Apart from Bush, Big oil and a few Bigots, there`s Janis Joplin...Willie Nelson ...