Wednesday, December 03, 2008

for dan'l

"These are open questions, not rhetorical ones. I’d like to think they’re a first-stage consciousness-raising thing, en route to, I dunno, rooftop solar panels all around. But sometimes I wonder whether it would really be the ruin of the whole project if we admitted that very little we do as individuals based on the sums calculated on our homemade slide rules is going to matter much at all if we don’t get the whole human project pointed in a new direction by mid-century at the latest. In other words, sometimes I wonder whether fussing over plastic bags is deterring us from focusing our energies where the macro-scale change needs to happen."

sustainability's talismans

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

As a former avid hunter, trash in the woods was equal to grounds for execution, as was trash on the beach, road, short, "the world is not your personal trash can, you fucking morons!!" With 300 million of us morons in the world, it could get deep in a hurry.

But even if all that trash is picked up, all we do is bury it, out of sight, out of mind.

But finally, as you mentioned, it has to be a TOTAL effort world wide, and a COMBINED effort. Anything less ensures failure. One diesel truck puts out more pollutants in a DAY than the largest SUV does in a MONTH, yet the SUV is vilified, and the truck hardly ever mentioned. We are keot purposely uneducated. Then there's factories. Until we lose this mindset that one can buy and sell pollution credits like so many pork helly's, we might as well shove that trash we pick up, up our ass for all the good it's going to do globally.