Thursday, December 04, 2008

an admission

i am really struggling these days. i am reading some good stuff by master hsing yun and am really trying to meditate and think about what i am reading. some days are easier than others and i am really, really tired of the fucking christmas season. mostly because i am so very sick and tired of the right wing fucktards who pretend to believe in god while bilking their sheep out of billions. if you think christianity isn't a racket- well, take a look at any of the televangelists- or any of the megachurch pastors. anyway, the whole christmas season has been tainted since bushfuck and his ilk stole office in 2000 and my wish is that americans would just give a big hearty 'fuck you' to all of them and stop 'celebrating' christmas. i read everywhere- magazines, papers, etc, folks dread the whole season. hell, people are dying over the season. so, for the record:

there is no war on christmas. none. we say happy holidays because the fucking season starts in september. so, technically, it encompasses labor day, halloween, thanksgiving, hanukah, christmas, kwanzaa, and new year's day. so fuck you and your merry christmas bullshittery. if we really want to get technical- christians hijacked the yule season from the celtic pagans and made shit up to get folks to convert. much like today. and you can make shit up until you keel over but america ain't a christian nation. it specifically says in the constitution that we aren't- and really, if you want to live in a theocracy- move to one. you get no 'victim' sympathy from me. if you people were true americans and true christians, you wouldn't want to kill people simply because they are different or don't agree with you; you certainly wouldn't try to force people to convert or try to trick them by manipulating words and embracing decidedly secular methods such as rock, rap, and the entertainment industry.

this is a secular nation that has decided by a rather large margin that we are sick and tired of your negative bullshit. we are sick and tired of you forcing your belief set on everyone- especially since it doesn't seem to work very well. we had it your way for 8 years and the country and the globe has gone right down the toilet. so, go away. slither back into your pew and pray. just leave the rest of us the fuck alone.


Anne said...

Uh Huh. 100%.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Ir would have been a better post had you been more explicit concerning what you meant!:)

Anybody that's a Christian willingly is a fucking idiot!

The "Holiday Season" as defined currently, makes me want to commit mass murder.

The actual sitting down with family and friends, is priceless.

My question for years has been, "why do we need the pretense of a holiday? Because we don't really mean it?" Then kick their asses out, and watch some good football or basketball!!

Dave Dubya said...

The "holiday season" works for pagan folks as some needed days off work, and even something to look forward to... before their seasonal affect disorder kicks in.

Let's not allow Christmas to spoil our holiday season. Reclaim the time of year for what it really is. The more occasions for some liquid holiday cheer to celebrate the solstice, the easier it is to accept the coming winter.