Monday, November 17, 2008


"I regard the most dangerous fantasy in America right now to be the wish that we can keep running things just the way they are now (my recurring synecdoche of WalMart, Walt Disney World, and the interstate highway system) by replacing oil and gas with "alternative fuels." This just ain't gonna happen. We're going to use every kind of there is and they will still require us to live very differently than we did the past sixty years. The public just doesn't get this. I don't know whether President-elect Obama gets this. I hope he does, and I hope part of his new mission will be to clarify this state of affairs for the public in clear and effective speech. It's going to tick off a lot of them, but it's the theme music playing in the reality lounge right now, and Mr. Obama would be advised to take up the tune."

jim kunstler


Dave Dubya said...

Kunstler is the kind of guy I hate to point others to read. All his talk about reality, and the party coming to an end, seems to depress them.

We are seeing the period of the Great American Denial. While the immobilized public gazes like stunned sheep, the looters of what's left of our economy will make off with their last great heist.

Until those who plunder our wealth and violate our Constitution are held accountable, we will be a nation lost in its own darkness of denial.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The only thing that keeps me from jumping on that iceberg hugging platform full time is this: Big Oil likes being, well, Big! If they use the last drop of oil then go home, they ain't big any more...and they have a LOT of pissed off neighbors that want a big piece of their ass!!

I have to think they see something past the last drop that we don't, or aren't allowed to, by the MSM, who feeds us chopped down trees via IV with liquid iceberg water every four hours.

We have ONE thing on our side: Rich people will kill alligators with just their Rolex's in order to STAY rich!