Monday, November 24, 2008

welcome to the surreal world

clout? their state is a disaster and they have a 50-50 record at best at anything good coming out of there- molly ivins and willie nelson spring to mind- and texans are worried about clout? the state is so bad the bush family are comfortable living there and they are worried about clout? let me give you a hint about clout tex-ass- don't nobody like you. secede. please. do us all a favor.

my apologies to my blogger buddies who live there- you fall into the good 50%


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Texas is California with absolutely no manners!"

Ignorance and Mexicans are it's two biggest exports!

Kulkuri said...

Every place has its good and bad points. My hometown has its good points, too bad the next town where you have to go to shop sucks. It's a beautiful area to live in but you can't eat scenery.

billie said...

ordinarily i would agree but tex-ass really has seemed to be the asshole of the world lately. the politics coming out of there reeks of corruption and spilled out of there and into a place that needed no help- washington. the old money that lives there feels entitled to do whatever they want and it spawned the likes of tom delay. for every good point- there are at least 2 bad- and it's a shame because i have a few nice friends who are part of the really nice and decent minority.