Friday, November 21, 2008

weekend newsy roundup

why buy a house? and other myths of the american dream

blackwater to make huge profits from shipping companies- big surprise

power shifts of the future don't make american intelligence happy

monsanto genetically modified beets are underground and on their way to you

americans using less electricity baffles utilities


jmsjoin said...

We are okay and none of the current situation will affect me but the failure of the US does! I saw the story this morning on us and Russians in 25 years and saved the story but my thought was yeah where is the surprise. Bush sped that process too up! You are really running the gamut today! Too much to cover?

billie said...

not terribly interested in making up commentary for the news. i figure it speaks for itself and nothing i add will make things better :)

jmsjoin said...

I know!