Monday, November 24, 2008

the reality memo

there are folks in this country who see things the way that they really are; folks who live in a fantasy land and believe america to be the best in the whole wide world, and there are those somewhere in between. a recent report from the national intelligence council speaks of the decline of american dominance and it comes as no surprise to me. america has been rotting from the inside out for a long time- and no i don't mean morals necessarily. hypocrisy killed the american dream.

you cannot say that you stand for one set of ideals and then live by another- that's hypocrisy. we are not a christian nation and even if we were technically- we certainly don't live by any of the good things in the bible. we don't care for the poor and needy of our society; we don't promote diplomacy and good will. we are a corporate nation and anyone who can't see that we live from sale to sale to good deal- well, i guess they are in the fantasy portion of the population.

we are in crisis in america and we have managed to screw the whole world with our arrogance and financial institutions. if you break things down, americans don't give a shit about anyone other than americans. if you break it down further, there's the segment of the population that only cares about wasp americans. i would say that the end to the western world dominance might not be a bad thing. i mean india gave us buddhism- and lord knows ( :) we need to be able to get along with the other people on the planet.

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