Monday, November 17, 2008

newt is trying really hard to be relevant

it is almost pathetic- if it wasn't so predictable.

gingrich claims states with gop governors do better on unemployment- got his facts wrong.

"Bob Beauprez, a former two-term Republican congressman from Colorado who left office in 2006 to pursue an unsuccessful run for governor, recalls his own transition from elected office. "Anybody who's been through [this] who doesn't look in the mirror and wonder if anybody cares anymore…" he says, trailing off. "You go through a little bit of withdrawal. I was significant yesterday—today I'm not."

cleaning house- mother jones

and i guess relevancy isn't just newt's issue- cantor says that rethugs 'lack the ability to be relevant in people's lives'

one can only wonder what that will mean to newt-- or mooselini, for that matter.


Unknown said...

I really wish to hell Newt would take a really long walk on a very short pier.

jmsjoin said...

Newt should be as irrelevant as Eva Braun Palin! They and their lies all sicken me!