Tuesday, November 25, 2008

leaving a bunch to read

i know- lots of posts- but i figure i won't be around much what with cooking and eating and whatnot- so take your time if you are so inclined. i happened upon this excerpt from an article that will appear in full december 1 over at huffpo- check it out in full then- i found it fascinating in light of america's current relationship with latin and south america

sean penn- conversations with chavez and r. castro

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jmsjoin said...

That is sick! As you know, it us the disinformation juggernaut we and the world have to fears. I think we will fair better with the entire word but in our own back yard with Venezuela in particular with Obama I hope. So many lies we have been fed. You know I fear much will have to be reacted to by Obama because of Bush but time will tell and soon!