Saturday, November 15, 2008

dick cavett is a gem

the wild wordsmith of wasilla


jmsjoin said...

That was good! She is a babbling idiot. It blows me away that anyone can be stupid enough to want her representing them. I mean come on! I am stunned that the fascist right want her to be the face of the party which is what you see going on and for her to represent them for President in 2012. UnFriggenBelievable!

Fran said...

My TV is broken in that way too-- I keep seeing Palins mug. She should be history.
I love his solution:
"Were you able to hear any part of my question?”

I just want Palin to fade away in the sunset. BUt I did suggest the Obama admin take legal action to request an injunction on further oils sellin & gas selling & the killin of the bears & beluga whales

If the lawsuit she initiated to stop the listing of the polar bear because of habitat loss stalls the process, she can be rollin' up her sleeves to enact the drill baby drill shit, rendering any listing a moot point.

Keep her on a short leash.

Naj said...

I find her disgustingly ugly ... that pressed chin ... euuuuuuh!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Cavett must be 200 years old by now!:) I remember the guy back "when I knew everything.":)

He usually hasn't been too much of a spinmeister, making him a good reference.

Re the Painted Pig: First, from a sexist point of view: she is a skinny, tltless shriveled up old bag who goes trick or treating with her makeup off. On to lesser serious matters.....

We all know how the MSM leaches onto a freak and rides the story into the ground. See Michael Jackson, et al. All the cable channels have found a new freak. This one is semi-literate, has a fiercely sharp tongue, a Fundamentalist, a soccer Mom (how do they play soccer in Alaska?) who shoots wildlife from helicopters. You have to admit, that kind of freak doesn't come along everyday!

She's an icon for the religious right wing extremists because she drank so much of the kool aid. What we call their "agenda" or "plank" is a meaningless diversion. Their ONLY agenda and plank, is putting God back in the west wing! They don't care if this country is eating shit out of sewers. As long as God is in the white house, we're gonna be ok. It's z"God's Will."

God's a big asshole!!!