Tuesday, November 25, 2008

being mindful

i have really been trying to think about what i eat these days- especially in light of all of the horror stories coming out in dribs and drabs over the last few years. genetically modified foods, meat pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics and whatever- hell, i recently read an article that says some beef growers were feeding their cows candy and potato chips because corn prices were so high thanks to the greed of the fairly defunct ethanol market. no thanks. i am looking into farm grown local meats- i have a bead on grass fed chickens and hopefully- pork products also. but one must ask what is fed to the animals or you may as well buy from the store. and- i intend to be fully vegetable self sufficient this year- but that isn't the point of my post.

i don't eat fish anymore. i really do love fish but i won't eat ocean fish period and after seeing fish farms- i won't touch tilapia. no thanks. the reason i don't eat fish anymore is two pronged: 1) many fish are polluted by the waters in which they live and the biggest reason 2) fish are being overfished to the point that entire species are collapsing and in danger of going extinct. salmon being one that comes immediately to mind- and tuna. there are millions of folks on the planet who depend upon fish as a staple in an otherwise meager diet- and i won't buy fish here because quite frankly, it's a choice for us. asia and europe are the two biggest consumers but we rank right up there.

all i ask is- think about where your food comes from when you have sushi or chicken nuggets. you may want to rethink what you put in your mouth.

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Spadoman said...

You and I have talked about the food intake may times over the years. I feel the same about fish. I love fish and it should be a staple part of a good diet. But you can't trust where it comes from. I can go to one of the better markets and buy fresh caught salmon or freshwater fish like Canadian Walleye, but it is so expensive that I can't afford it. So I go without.

Most of the red meat I use is from a Buffalo ranch where my son-in-law works. He feeds hay and allows them to graze. No hormone feeds at all.

The sad thing is that it looks like they, (giant corporations), have us where we must ingest the crap because we can't afford farm raised organic chicken or other meat and even the veggies are cost prohibited to a large degree.

One answer is to buy the good stuff, and eat much less. That would be good for me with diabetes. I haven't been able to do that yet, but I'm trying.