Tuesday, March 11, 2008

accountability anyone?

anyone else think more than a few heads should roll? i mean hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE dead and trillions of dollars funneled into war profiteers pockets- and 2 countries ruined- somebody needs a good ass whoopin'

'exhaustive' pentagon sponsored study shows NO SADDAM-AL QUEDA LINK (emphasis mine)


jmsjoin said...

You better believe it. Everybody involved in this mis-Admnistration, those who allowed it to happen, and those benefitting from it corruptively.
It was illegal from the get go but I have to wonder out of the $hundreds of Billions spent how many multiple $Billions have been stolen corruptively especially with the chief idiots insistance of no oversight in order to do so.

jmsjoin said...

betmo, dusty, Polishifter! You are three of my favorite Blogs and when I was nominated on Tom's first list of progressive Patriot Awards on the 2nd I in turn nominated you three.
If you are interested you can put the award on your side bar and contact tc and he will ad you to the Proggresive Patriot Roll call on his page. Read his explanation of it. I thought it was pretty cool!