Saturday, December 22, 2007


i watched the movie 'equilibrium' last night. christian bale. good movie. not in the same league as 'v for vendetta' but still a good movie. it is a movie where everyone is on a prozac like drug to keep them from feeling but there are resisters out there. spoiler alert- the resisters win. of course they do. it's a movie. anyway, my wondering is- how do people who don't feel for their fellow man live? are they only pleasure seekers? do they only feel some emotions and not others? it would be tough to measure i suppose- as the answers to any questions would be difficult to prove. one can say 'i love you' to anything or anyone- i can speculate whether you mean it or not- but i can't prove it. i can't prove that the neo cons have no feelings- but their actions speak volumes. guess it was just a little pre-cuppa wonderin'. going out of town for the day- so enjoy your weekend.


Blank said...

Sounds like a cool movie. I'm putting it on my Netflix list. I didn't read the whole post after "spoiler," though.

Happy Holidays and Solstice to you, too, Betmo.

Unknown said...

Nice post, Betmo. The neocons are self-absorbed individuals. They only feel for their own interests; if it benefits their fellow neocons, fine. If not, these people will stick it to their own kind. We see this on a daily basis coming out of the Whitehouse.

Neochristians are cut from the same cloth; in fact, the vast majority have neocon leanings, if not outright support.

Not only do their actions speak volumes, as the old saw says, 'actions speak louder than words'. It was said by you-know-who, "By their fruits ye shall know them".

You may profess to not believe in God, Betmo, but your words and actions speak otherwise. I'm OK with that, as your thoughts and writings are full of compassion, love, and caring for your fellow-man. I discern in you a good heart, my friend, and that's what matters most. Some of the most righteous believers are former atheists. The Lord works in some strange ways, and also in His own time. Never say never. You may well be surprised what God has in store for you in 10, 15, or 20 years. I hope that doesn't scare you. ;)

Happy Holidays, Betmo, to you, Mr Betmo, and all those you hold dear. More importantly, may your holidays be filled with peace and grace. Wally's working on his draft for his Soapbox, and said to wish you a Merry Christmas. He's a hard-headed little Christian weasel. ;)

Larry said...

Haven't seen the movie but will check it out.