Wednesday, December 12, 2007

rain and more rain

i suppose i should get used to it- i doubt we'll have cmases and winters like i remember- anymore. it is a bit disheartening to live in the northeast and have rain instead of snow in the winter. everything is gray and brown and muddy. we didn't have to put up with that until spring in the 'old' days. sigh. onward and upward. i don't know which is worse- drought or floods. floods probably. anyhoo- it is a gray, wet gloomy day here so i will have to manufacture some artificial sunshine- because i will be goddamned if i try and make snow :) it would melt into the mud anyway.


Sornie said...

Five years ago, I moved 100 miles north and now I get to experience at least some snow. Quite a difference from the MN/IA border.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

you can keep the snow b. I actually like it for about a day, and then I wish it would warm up again. have another interview in nj though so I might be seeing more of it.

you sound down. there is still a couple more weeks before Christmas so maybe you will get your snow after all.

billie said...

thanks guys- but the bigger point is- there should be snow. there isn't snow because of global warming. i have to reconcile myself to the fact that snow could well possibly go extinct. my preference is really irrelevent- i want snow because that's what's supposed to happen. i am not remotely into the whole cmas thing this year. i am grateful to be rid of the albatross that is sending packages to family. i have asked my husband to please speak with his family about not giving gifts next year because it isn't really what this season is for. i would rather take the money and travel to see them. if we are going to change our lives, his family has to be a part of it too. we are working that out.