Friday, December 14, 2007


and no- i am not famous for those :) we got some snow yesterday- for which i am grateful- so i did not get my errands to the post office done. must complete cmas obligations today- in the form of mailing out the rest of the outlaw packages and showing up to the office shindig. now, this year is better than last year (which- and don't laugh- was a hayride) and no, i didn't go. this year is a play- a christmas carol- by local theater. i have already seen it and it isn't bad- but at least we don't have to interact with anyone. my husband's office is full of churchies- and me being a godless heathen- well, it is a test of patience. mr. betmo is far more patient than i. anyhoo- that will wrap up the obligations part- and then- all i have to worry about is cooking for our actual meals for the feasting. i have a few more posts here and there at the sirens and here before the new year hits :) i am also writing an article for another blog- and environmental one- which i will advertise soon. so- hopefully the year will end on an ok note. mom's health is not good- so this will be a very different ending to the year anyway. i suppose that's a big reason i am so not into anything this year. but- now off i go- later.


dawn said...

Quickies B you godless heathen, LMOA!!!
I love ya
Merry Christmas

Larry said...

We all probably have to be around a few we wish weren't around, but just being around those few you care about makes the other bearable.